September Snapshot

Some of the preliminary numbers are in for our September newsletter and the results are mixed.
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First, as we’ve commented many times, today’s market is way more sensitive to any amount of drama from Washington or Wall Street, and in late July and early August, we had both. One wonders if the ship wouldn’t be better off sailing itself sometimes.
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There was about a 3 week period around the debt negotiations in which people stood back and watched the spectacle. Once our fine leadership adjourned for vacation, the atmosphere gradually relaxed, and we began to see renewed real estate activity. As of this week, there are 65 luxury homes under contract in the Lake Norman/Davidson area, which is down from the mid-summer but around where we were last year at this time. On the distressed index side, we have 31 luxury homes listed in the distressed category, still well down from last fall’s number that ranged in the low 70’s.
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There also continue to be some bright spots on the pricing side. For example, sold prices per square foot in The Peninsula this summer were better than both 09 and 10 results. Whether that continues depends a lot on external variables like the economy and future debt reduction negotiations. Its fairly typical for sold prices to drop over the winter on lower activity, they’ve done so the past 3 Januarys then rebounded in the spring.