Ivester Jackson Christie’s Property Spotlight | Bordeaux, France

Near Cognac, Charente, France | 3,585,000 €
Christophe Chassin +33 (0)6 72 58 71 34
Offered by Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate

Maxwell-Baynes is the market leader in the Bordeaux region of
South West France. Founded 10 years ago by Karin Maxwell and
Michael Baynes, their luxury real estate division is Maxwell-Baynes
Real Estate while their specialist vineyard company is
Vineyards-Bordeaux. Bordeaux was voted number one best city
in the world, in 2017 and has 11 Michelin starred restaurants,
elevating it to the top gastronomic destination in France and
beating out both Paris and Lyons for the top slot.

Near Bordeaux | 2,650,000 €
Maxwell Baynes +33 (0)5 57 84 08 82
Offered by Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate

With the ski resorts of the Pyrenees 2 hours south and the famous beaches of Cap Ferret an hour west, Bordeaux has it all.
A chateau residence amongst the vines or in the countryside can
be purchased for about a million Euros and a St. Emilion Grand
Cru vineyard estate can be bought for about 5 million Euros. Or
perhaps a hunting estate near Cognac, an elegant townhouse
in the city of Bordeaux or a beach villa – the real estate here is
varied and beautiful.

ELEGANT 19TH CENTURY CHATEAUELEGANT 19TH CENTURY CHATEAU Near Bordeaux, France | 3,500,000 € Maxwell Baynes +33 (0)5 57 84 08 82 Offered by Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate
ELEGANT 19TH CENTURY CHATEAU Near Bordeaux, France | 3,500,000 € Maxwell Baynes +33 (0)5 57 84 08 82 Offered by Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate

Vineyards-Bordeaux is an enthusiastic vineyard and winery
investment advisory company specializing in the management
of vineyard transactions. With its team located near the wine
capital of Saint Emilion, it is situated in the heart of the “right
bank” of the Bordeaux appellation system, but its team covers
all 57 Bordeaux appellations, including the Medoc, the Graves,
Sauternes, Saint Emilion, and Pomerol, to name a few.

Near Poitiers, Vienne, France | 6,900,000 €
Christophe Chassin +33 (0)6 72 58 71 34
Offered by Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate

The Bordeaux vineyard market is relatively small with between 25
and 30 transactions taking place each year for Chateau vineyard
businesses across all Bordeaux appellations. A Bordeaux vineyard
can be purchased for under 1 million Euros but prices for the
world famous chateau can run to several hundreds of millions of
Euros. In 2016, there were 28 chateau vineyards sold. The team
at Vineyards-Bordeaux was responsible for 10 of them, holding
them as the market leader, overseeing between 30% and 40% of
the Bordeaux vineyard transactions each year.


  • 2014 – the French voted Bordeaux the best place in France
    to work
  • 2015 – voted by 250,000 people as the best tourist destination
    in Europe
  • 2016 – 2nd place in The New York Times top cities to visit
  • 2017 – new TGV ultra-fast train link to Paris ~ 2 hours
  • Bordeaux has the longest shopping street in Europe
  • The city has the largest UNESCO listed urban world
    heritage site in Europe
  • Belonged to England for 300 years. The Romans occupied
    the region 2,000 years ago.
  • Home to 100,000 students
  • 1-hour drive to the beach, 2-hour drive to the ski slopes
  • 14 billion Euro/year wine industry

Selling or Buying Vacation Property?
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Clients get the comfort of a trusted local
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Christie’s Recognizes Ivester Jackson as “Best of The Best.”

 Global Expertise, Tailored Service, Christie’s Credibility 

Christie’s International Real Estate, the world’s leading luxury real estate brand, announced this week it has awarded Ivester Jackson its prestigious “Overall Affiliate of The Year Award” at its annual ownership conference, this year held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Reed and Lori Jackson accepting award
Reed and Lori Jackson accepting Affiliate of the Year award

The overall award is given annually to one of Christie’s 145 market leading luxury brokerages from around the world, with recent previous winners including Daniel Feau of Paris, France, and Chestnut Park Real Estate of Toronto, Canada.

Market Leadership & the Passion to Succeed

While announcing the award at the Buenos Aires conference, Christie’s CEO Dan Conn noted, “since joining Christie’s four years ago, Ivester Jackson has grown by more than 200% and tripled in annual volume, in the process becoming the top seller of multi-million dollar estate homes not only in the Charlotte region but in North Carolina.”

Record 5.6 Million Transaction

International Exposure for Luxury Properties

Reed Jackson, IJ’s Managing Partner says “Our partnership with Christie’s has attracted luxury buyers to our agents and properties from a select worldwide audience and delivered maximum exposure for our listed properties. This acknowledgment of our region by an iconic brand like Christie’s highlights the continued emergence of North Carolina as an important destination for luxury property buyers from around the United States as well as for those originating internationally”.

173 Macon Ave - Asheville
173 Macon Ave – Asheville

Award Winning Magazine, Asheville & Events

In the past year, Ivester Jackson has expanded it’s Christie’s partnership into the Asheville, NC market, hosted Christie’s international head of wine and spirits, Noah May, at a wine event in Charlotte’s prestigious Pellyn Wood enclave, and been awarded the Florida Printers’ Association first prize/bound printed for it’s Portfolio of Fine Properties magazine, now distributed to over 11,000 regional luxury homeowners and international subscribers.

Ivester Jackson also wishes to congratulate the other market-level winners from this year’s conference:

Small Market: Special Properties

Medium Market: Coastal Properties Group

Large Market: Hawaii Life


Look for a formal announcement from Christie’s International Real Estate early next week.

Please contact Reed Jackson for more information about Ivester Jackson Christies and this prestigious award.

Reed Jackson – Reed@ivesterjackson.com

(704) 713 – 3623

Christie’s Charlotte Homes For Sale & Real Estate

Significant Sales for Fall

By: Lee Steinour – Digital Marketing Manager

2121 Queens Road E, Charlotte NC


Tommy Ingram – Represented Buyer

Photo Courtesy: Pridemore Properties

178 Attleboro Place, Mooresville NC


Doris Nash – Represented Buyer

Photo Courtesy: Chris Johnson Realty

105 Conway Court, Mooresville NC


Doris Nash & Jessica Simpson – Listing Agents


239 Kimberly Road, Davidson NC


Emily Duke – Listing Agent

Colleen Ludington – Represented Buyer

17022 Island View Drive, Cornelius NC


Reed Jackson – Listing Agent


7349 Webbs Chapel Cove Court, Denver NC


Susan Dolan – Listing Agent

19446 Peninsula Shores Drive, Cornelius NC


Lori Ivester Jackson – Represented both buyer & seller

20035 Chapel Point Lane, Cornelius NC


Lori Ivester Jackson – Listing Agent

21201 Senlac Lane, Cornelius NC


Lori Ivester Jackson – Represented both buyer & seller

8385 Norman Estates Drive, Denver NC


Lori Ivester Jackson – Represented both buyer & seller

8385 Norman Estates Drive - Lori Ivester Jackson
8385 Norman Estates Drive


108 Whaling Lane, Mooresville NC


Doris Nash and Jessica Simpson – Listing Agents

108 Whaling Lane - Doris Nash Jessica Simpson
108 Whaling Lane

153 Rehoboth Lane, Mooresville NC


Doris Nash and Jessica Simpson – Listing Agents

153 Rehoboth Lane Ivester Jackson Christie's Real Estate
153 Rehoboth Lane

148 Rehoboth Lane, Mooresville


Doris Nash & Jessica Simpson – Listing Agents

148 Rehoboth Lane Ivester Jackson Christies Real Estate
148 Rehoboth Lane

3394 Governors Island Drive, Denver NC


Susan Dolan – Listing Agent

3394 Governors Island Drive
3394 Governors Island Drive

121 Easton Drive, Mooresville NC


Doris Nash – Listing Agent

Jessica Simpson – Buyers Agent

121 Easton Drive Ivester Jackson Christies Real Estate
121 Easton Drive

170 Broad Sound Place, Mooresville


Doris Nash & Jessica Simpson – Listing Agents

Doris Nash – Buyers Agent

170 Broad Sound Place Ivester Jackson
170 Broad Sound Place

Charlotte’s Crown Jewel – A Modern Day Downton Abbey

By: Lee Steinour – Digital Marketing Manager

The filming of a movie spin-off of Downton Abbey is set to begin next year and in our opinion, we believe this Charlotte estate would be a perfect location! Perched amidst nearly 5 acres the home’s architecture and lush gardens were inspired by famed British architect Edwin L. Lutyens.

It seems like a lovely location for a historical period drama set in the 1920’s.


Unparalleled privacy abounds at this European influenced gated manor.

A magnificent two-story walnut paneled library would be the perfect backdrop and gathering space for British aristocracy. While the lower level could be transformed with movie magic into the servants living quarters during the post-Edwardian era.

The Crawley’s are all about entertaining and the property is perfect for guests, in fact, we hosted a spectacular event “An Evening with Noah May, Christie’s Wine Specialist” this past summer.

Take a Tour of 2019 Craigmore:

Contact Tracy Davis @ Tracy@ivesterjackson.com to learn more about 2019 Craigmore Drive.





The Pros and Cons of Selling Luxury Property at Auction

Longer Sales Cycles for Distinctive Properties

Distinctive properties can generally involve longer sales cycles than mid-market and everyday level homes. This is particularly true for properties in unique or isolated settings, or for those with very distinctive and personalized features. The simple fact is that the subset of the population that can afford to purchase multi-million dollar and up trophy properties is a very small segment of the population. Move up the food chain to some of today’s international trophy properties which can sell for hundreds of millions of dollars, and there may be less than 200 people on the planet who can make that type of investment.

Is An Auction the Right Solution?

Here in North Carolina, where our ultra-luxury segment probably begins north of $2 million, the question occasionally arises as to whether or not an auction is a right solution to move a property, so let’s evaluate the pros and cons, as well as some recent results.

Two Main Types of Auctions

There are a couple main types of auctions, those with a “reserve price” (a minimum the owner will take the property or they won’t sell), or those sold “without reserve” (the owner has waived the minimum and agrees to take whatever that auction’s appetite for the property will produce at offering price).


  • Finality
  • Condensed Period of Making Home Available For Showings
  • Generally Pre-Qualified Buyers
  • Marketing Blitz To Qualified Buyers and Prior Mailing List

The general appeal of selling at auction includes the finality of hopefully being done as a seller (if sold without reserve, the home price garnered at auction generally means the selling of the home is moving toward a closing, pending a likely inspection by the buyer). An auction is a condensed period in which the home is marketed, may be open for a couple of weekends prior to, but otherwise reduces the hassle of having a home for sale and prepping it for showings over an extended period of time. Auctioneers generally verify the wherewithal to buy of all participants.


  • If Sold With a Reserve Minimum, A Property May Not Meet The Minimum
  • Sellers Typically Participate in Thousands of Dollars in Marketing Fees
  • Sales Prices Can Be 30% Or More Below Recently Listed MLS Pricing or Comparables
  • Perceived Potential Stigma Or Fire Sale Mentality From Some Buyers
While a no-reserve auction can certainly be appealing given the likelihood of being able to move on fairly quickly (many auction sales still require 30-45 days of inspections, etc. to get to closing), there are some risks and downsides to consider. First, if the house is sold with a reserve that the auction audience fails to meet, its’ back to square one for the seller, often after coming out-of-pocket significantly to fund the marketing for the auction. Additionally, some buyers arrive with the mentality that auction properties are being “fire sold” or in some way have been stigmatized, which could result in the property being sold at a discount to what it ultimately might sell for with a conventional realtor’s approach. Finally, in looking at a couple recent North Carolina results, sellers need to be realistic about how a property will perform relative to its most recently listed MLS for sale price.
Two recent sales of properties listed at the $3 million dollar level, brought no reserve auction prices of $1.68 million and $1.994 million, somewhere between 30 and 40% off their most recent MLS listing prices,and it is fairly common to see auction sold price points at 25% or more below a property’s recent MLS list price. Given this discount, some sellers may want to consider adjusting their price by 5-10% prior to see if they can attract an offer above that 25-30% or higher discount that recent auctions have come in with.
Auctions Can Be a Great Option
For a seller with the simple desire to move on quickly and no sensitivity to steeply discounted offers, auctions can be a great option. For those more sensitive to net proceeds, more conventional price reduction strategies for a currently listed property, may yield a premium over the longer term to auction results. It really comes down to the goals each seller has during the property sales process.

International Exposure for Charlotte Real Estate Firm

By: Lee Steinour – Digital Marketing Manager

Ivester Jackson Christie’s International Real Estate with offices in Cornelius, Charlotte, and Asheville North Carolina is gaining international exposure.

Wine Event with Noah May, Reed Jackson, Tracy Davis, Rick Moeser

Prominent Wine Tasting Event

The local real estate firm recently hosted a wine event at two prominent Southpark Estates and is featured in the most recent Christie’s “News for the Network” email newsletter which is sent to more than 1,300  affiliate offices around the world.

The event featured Christie’s Executive Director Rick Moeser who presented on the state of the global luxury real estate market and Christie’s Wine Specialist Noah May who spoke about the Old World and New World chardonnays and pinot noirs.

Villa in Montone, Italy

Featured in Italian Restaurant

On a recent trip to Umbria, Italy Ivester Jackson agent Colleen Ludington was delighted to see the Christie’s Int’l Real Estate magazines in a fabulous hilltop restaurant, Erba Luna, located in Montone, Italy. The magazine features several North Carolina listings. Colleen says, ‘It made me proud to see the truly global reach of our brand!”

Christie’s brochures in Italian Restaurant

The brochures were provided by the Christie’s affiliate Romolini International Real Estate Agency.

Ivester Jackson I Christie’s Brokers Dominate 2016 Lake Norman Ultra Luxury Closing Activity

Ivester Jackson I Christie’s brokers have dominated the market of luxury homes listed at $2 million or above, representing sellers or buyers in a whopping 15 of the 24 closed transactions over the past year in the Lake Norman area.

Firm Records Highest Priced Transaction

The firm recorded Cornelius’s highest priced transaction (a 3.8 million dollar transaction in which it represented both the seller and an international buyer), as well as 9 of the 16 homes that sold over $2 million in Cornelius. Ivester Jackson I Christie’s agents Lori Ivester Jackson (6) and Tracy Davis (4) recorded multiple transactions in the ultra-luxury market with Bill Moore, Reed Jackson, and Patty Howe all involved in ultra luxury closings.

 dusk front

Agents Dominate in Mooresville

In Mooresville, The firm once again dominated the action, closing 5 of the 7 homes above $2 million and 4 of the 6 in The Point. Doris Nash and Jessica Simpson led the way with 4 deals, while Annie Livingston, Alison Smith, and Lori Ivester Jackson all participated in ultra luxury closings.
012_Great Room

Highest West Shore Transaction

Over on the west shore, Ivester Jackson I Christie’s agent Laura Pegram represented an out of state buyer on that area’s highest value transaction, a $3 million dollar estate home with expansive views on Governor’s Island.
All told, the firm’s agents participated in 63% of ultra luxury transactions at Lake Norman over the past 12 months.

Million Dollar Range Surges in 2016, Post-Election Showings Point to Further Momentum

Luxury Market Surges

The Charlotte luxury market surged forward in 2016, bolstered by a strong performance in the $1 million to $2 million dollar price range which showed a 30% annualized increase in Charlotte, and a whopping 59% increase in Union County.
825 Eagle Road kitchen
The entry luxury range below $1 million, also showed strong performance in both areas, posting a 17% increase in Charlotte, and a 23% increase in hopping Union County.

Pre and Post-Election Activity

Pre-election surveys reported as much as 45% of high net worth individuals indicated they had parked money on the sidelines, making the yearly results all the more impressive. Not surprisingly, post-election showing activity jumped, particularly in the million dollar range, with showings in Union County jumping 39% over the same November/December period last year, while Charlotte posted a 33% increase, a clear indication that first quarter 2017 looks to post strong results.
3712 rivergrass lane
The range above $2 million continued to see a competitive resale market due to custom build options and infill/tear down activity striking a popular chord with ultra luxury buyers. Sold resale results in this range were down slightly compared to 2015.
unit sales

10 Historic Homes for Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina

5520 Sharon View Road – Circa 1828


Dating to King George ll, the William Lee House, a richly appointed country house, is a piece of 18th century Charlotte.

Ivester Jackson | Christie's Int'l Real Estate
Ivester Jackson | Christie’s Int’l Real Estate

8556 Dog Leg Road – Nationally Registered Historic Farmhouse


One of the southeast’s most spectacular estates situated on 66 gated acres of rolling hills and horse pastures. (Sherrills Ford)

One of the southeast's most spectacular estates
Ivester Jackson | Christie’s Int’l Real Estate

625 Hermitage Court – Circa 1914


Completely renovated 1914 Neoclassical home with amazing architectural detail. (Myers Park)

Remarks Public Remarks: Completely renovated 1914 Neoclassical home with amazing architectural detail. Prime Myers Park location, 2 blocks from Duke Mansion
Listing Courtesy of Valerie Mitchener, HM Properties

500 Hermitage Road – Circa 1915


One of Charlotte’s finest homes. Light filled Tudor on a .76 acre flat, private lot. (Myers Park)

One of Charlotte's finest homes. Circa 1915. Light filled Tudor on a .76 acre flat, private lot.
Listing Courtesy of Patty Hendrix, HM Properties

 3600 Hampton Manor Drive – Circa 1951  


Incredible opportunity to acquire a piece of Charlotte’s history; the original estate of Hampton Manor. (Hampton Manor)

Incredible opportunity to acquire a piece of Charlotte's history; the original estate of Hampton Manor,
Listing Courtesy of Giles Barker, Premier Sothebys International

215 Ridgewood Avenue – Circa 1935


Casually elegant Don Duffy signature craftsmanship abounds in fantastic living spaces of this graciously updated estate home. (Myers Park)

Priced at Appraised Value. Casually elegant Don Duffy signature craftsmanship abounds in fantastic living spaces of this graciously updated (2010) Myers Park estate home.
Ivester Jackson | Christie’s Int’l Real Estate

 2100 The Plaza – Circa 1915


Bishop John C. Kilgo House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Midwood)

2100 The Plaza
Listing Courtesy of Victoria Mitchener, Dickens Mitchener & Assoc. Inc

1418 Audubon Road – Circa 1955


Completely renovated Tudor/brick home on large flat lot in Cotswold. (Cotswold)

1418 audobon
Listing Courtesy of Laura Sammons, HM Properties

2404 Laburnum Ave – Circa 1946


This Chantilly home has it all,  including a beautiful Master Retreat, hardwood floors, and cooks kitchen. (Chantilly)

Listing Courtesy of Paige Sweet, ProStead Realty

1415 Coventry – Circa 1955


Fantastic 1.5 story remodeled Mid-Century home in the heart of Olde Cotswold. (Cotswold)

Listing Courtesy of Scott Pridemore, Pridemore Properties

The Ultra Luxury Market, Slowing or Growing?


The ultra luxury category has been the scene of much debate.

There has been much private discussion in the region’s real estate community about the conditions in the ultra luxury segment above $2 million in listed value.

Conditions in the range below $1 million are fairly well documented to be highly active, with many areas seeing very competitive buying markets and limited inventory.

The ultra luxury category has been the scene of much debate however, with some luxury agents speculating of a possible slow down.

002_111 South Longfellow twilight.jpg insta

The data points do not appear to support a “slow down” in the classic sense of lower buyer activity, in fact recent showing activity, particularly in the 2m to 2.5m range shows just the opposite. That showings in 3 of the regions key ultra luxury areas, Cornelius, Charlotte, and Mooresville, are all running ahead of last year’s March to May period, in some cases by as much as 50%.

The below chart shows the relative increases in total showings in all three areas, according to the regional MLS showing statistics for all homes in the over $2 million range.

(Click Chart Below For Larger Image)

ultra lux Ivester Jackson Christie's Int'l Real Estate
Ultra Luxe Showings Over 2m Last 60 Days vs 2015

While this is encouraging, it’s not the entire picture.

The chart above describes total showings, which can also be impacted by the number of homes available to look at (i.e. if there are 5 homes listed and 2 buyers, the total showings will at most 10, but if there are 20 homes yet only 2 buyers, the total showings could be 40). So it is important to also consider the average number on a per home per basis.

In all 3 areas, the average runs roughly around 2-3 showings per month, and while this year’s average per home is up slightly in all 3 areas, it indicates that while there are likely more buyers, they also have a lot of options and thus are looking at more houses per buyer. Couple this with the increased trend toward major remodel projects, tear down/build projects (particularly over 3 million in total value), and the ultra luxury market is seeing buyers look at more options, which can mean a longer cycle, spread across both resale and build options.

Ivester Jackson | Christie's Int'l Real Estate
Ivester Jackson | Christie’s Int’l Real Estate

While the re-sale residential market over 2 million is generally running at or ahead of prior year trailing “sold” numbers (8 at Lake Norman and 9 in Charlotte over the past 6 months vs lower numbers in 2015), as well as very solid “pending” numbers (9 in Charlotte and 5 at Lake Norman over 2 million), the fact that some buyers are choosing the construction option is leaving fairly competitive conditions for sellers in the resale market.

There does not appear to be any type of “slowing” in the sense of number of buyers, in fact the opposite, they just have more options than they did coming out of the recession, when banks were not loaning money for construction projects.