Jessy Hancock

Jessy Hancock Broker

  • 1515 Mockingbird Lane Suite 900
    Charlotte, NC 28209

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About Jessy

Jessy has been in real estate since 2013, and she has earned a reputation for managing high-quality and high-volume businesses. She grew her real estate career over the past 7 years in Saint Louis, Missouri where she was part of the #3 most successful real estate team in the city. She and her team specialized in listing and selling homes over $1M, and she has recently brought her skills and expertise to the rapidly growing Queen City.  As a third-time transplant, Jessy is comfortable helping others explore uncharted territory and making them feel at home.

Jessy earned her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree at Wichita State University. With a passion for art and aesthetic, she loves to see good design and creative marketing in everything that she does, from the homes that she helps to sell to her hyper-organized contract to close systems.  

As a licensee with extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and 10+ years of customer service, client and business management experience, Jessy has an incredible perspective and ability to read between the lines to anticipate the needs of buyers and sellers alike. Focusing on building valuable relationships with her clients creates the personal and professional fulfillment that she thrives on. Jessy works closely with her clients, communicating every step of the way to ensure a smooth process and positive experience.

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