Traci moved to Charlotte in the fall of 2015. Throughout her life, she has moved across the country multiple times living in Pennsylvania, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, and North Carolina. Traci considers herself a people person as well as a dynamic, organized Realtor with a vibrant personality and a keen eye with a unique vibe. She is a self-motivated, self-disciplined mom who has a combined eye for fashion and organization into a business of personal shopping and home organization, culminating into her real estate career. Traci has the perfect personality to assist both buyers and sellers in purchasing and selling their homes in an efficient and comfortable manner. Traci is also a workout enthusiast who knows the meaning of hard work and as a personal shopper, she brings a detail-oriented mentality with impeccable taste to each transaction. In her free time, Traci loves spending time in the outdoors or with her two sons, ages 10 and 12. She enjoys rock climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, and water skiing as well as taking road trips without a schedule or traveling internationally. • Masters in Education • Self-Disciplined and Self-Motivated personality • Dynamic, organized Realtor with a keen eye and a unique vibe • Dedicated to helping both buyers and sellers purchase and sell their homes in an efficient and comfortable manner

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