Meet Our Team | Advice & Insight from Cindy Castano Swannack

Tell us your favorite things about being a real estate broker.

  • Working with the public
  • Structuring and executing smart transactions
  • Creating tailored listing strategies for clients
  • Successfully achieving my clients’ real estate goals
  • Coming from the financial markets, I study the real estate market for trends and forecast the market based on leading technical indicators and macro/microeconomics
  • Seeking out unique opportunities in the market based on growth, need, trends, leading indicators, and economics

Do you have specific areas of focus?

Primarily luxury listings, with a broad geographic focus.  As a Charlotte native, I am comfortable working in all areas of the extended Charlotte region and into SC.  In addition to urban and suburban luxury residential  (including country estates and equestrian estates), I also focus on commercial real estate through Ivester Jackson Commercial Properties – transactions include the sale of the commercial real estate and by partnering with equity contacts, the sale of the business may be included as a simultaneous yet separate transaction.

What advice would you have for people right now during this down period?

Discipline.  Stay focused, use the time to reach out directly to contacts via technology and by phone for the appropriate contacts to cultivate opportunities.  Building the pipeline is critical at all times, especially now.  Do not get discouraged! Do not get complacent or distracted with too much time on your hands.  Use this time as an opportunity to discover new marketing tools, opportunities, and new markets to develop; examine your operational methods –  look for ways to improve those and change some and/or add new ops methods. 

How are you keeping busy with today’s Stay at Home Restrictions?

I have sent a large number of direct mailers (several phases) targeting markets that I am already working to saturate, focused email campaigns and phone calls to key individuals.  In addition, I represented a vacant rental property recently purchased by a new client; after an intense 1-week showing period a highly qualified tenant was secured with a short move-in date.  I also endured a very interesting “Pandemic Closing” on a listing – it was a grueling yet successful closing.

Are you giving back or helping your community/neighborhood at this time?

I live rather far out in the country and the stay-at-home policy means we are restricted to our 43 acres and quite cut off from all else!  “Quarantine” seems almost like a normal day to us.  Within reach, there are no community outreach organizations that exist, rather it is neighbor helping neighbor.  I am assisting area neighbors as the need arises.  A neighbor recently had a knee replacement and I have assisted by driving her to rehab, bringing food and assisting with some daily walks, and of course checking in with her to ensure all is well.  Other neighbors are working to sell farm-to-table produce and dairy products which we gladly promote locally and purchase in abundance.  My husband and I frequently support the livelihood of family-owned local restaurants to assist with keeping their businesses afloat in these trying times.  We have also over-paid service providers, knowing they are financially hurting at this time.  Although our greater community is rather spread out, people are remarkably connected through friends, families, and technology.  There are no strangers within this community and the people take extraordinarily good care of one another on an individual basis:  the word spreads quickly when a need arises and help is immediately dispatched.  It is an amazing corner of the county. 

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