Advice & Insight from Agent Julie Lopez

Tell us your favorite things about being a real estate broker.

One of my favorite things about being a real estate broker is building relationships.  When you help people with the important process of buying or selling a home, you’re privileged to get to know them and their family and to share their goals and dreams.  Seeing their desires realized is both exciting and fun.  And of course, another favorite thing is looking at houses!

Do you have specific areas of focus?

My major areas of focus are Davidson and Lake Norman.  While I currently live in Davidson, for several years I lived in a neighborhood on Lake Norman.  I love sharing the highlights and benefits of both areas with people looking for a new home.

What advice would have for people right now during this down period?

If they are thinking of selling, take this time to complete projects that will add to the value of their home.   If they are thinking of buying, this is a great time to check in with their lender about the loan process, preapproval, and low-interest rates.  Although at a slower pace, there is still activity going on.  Now is a good time to prepare for busier times. We live in a fantastic area and people should have confidence in the strength of our market.

How are you keeping busy with today’s Stay at Home Restrictions? 

By phone and through cloud-based platforms, I’m managing transactions that were in-process at the time Stay at Home Restrictions went into effect.  I’ve been guiding buyers with potential offers and helping sellers plan for putting their homes on the market in the not too distant future. I’ve also been organizing my office and files, tackling home projects, reading, and enjoying more time in the yard than I have in years.  And I even completed a puzzle!

Are you giving back or helping your community/neighborhood at this time?

I’m checking on friends and neighbors and trying to make sure they have what they need. Next week, I’ll be baking cookies to contribute to meals delivered by a local soup kitchen.  I’m also supporting our local businesses through their curbside and delivery options.  It’s so important to help others make it to the other side of the curve. 

To learn more about Julie visit her website.

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