Meet Our Team | Advice & Insight from Agent April Nelson

Tell us your favorite things about being a real estate broker.

I love that every transaction is different and there is always something more to learn! You also really become part of the family during this process. I’ve been invited to weddings and baby showers and I’ve made life long friends that started with a simple showing.

 Do you have specific areas of focus? 

Uptown, Southpark, South Charlotte, Weddington

Do you have a favorite story or memory of working in real estate?

I had a client propose on the steps of their new home during the final walk-through before closing. I’ll never forget it!

Selling your home or buying a new one can be stressful, what advice do you have for people in this position?

Be patient! Take your time and don’t rush the process. Buying a house is a big decision and it’s not one that I like to see my clients jump into. Also, spend the extra money to make the house “perfect”…it pays off!

Learn more about April Nelson and view her active listings.

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