Meet Our Team | Advice & Insight from Agent Lillian Isaac

Tell us your favorite things about being a real estate broker.

I’m naturally a people person. I love helping families find what they are looking for in a home. I’m not afraid of rejection and I’m not afraid to keep trying, and pushing until I accomplish my goal and the goal of my clients.

 Do you have specific areas of focus? 

Not really. The advantage of working for a great firm like Ivester Jackson is they have so many resources and resourceful agents to handle any situation

Do you have a favorite story or memory of working in real estate?

Yes. My very first listing was owned by a real estate agent who was trying to sell his family home after his dad passed away. The home was rundown, boarded up with no back door and trashed on the inside. I said to myself if I can sell this then I can sell anything. It sold to a family-WOW- not an investor.  I sold the home next door which was also owned by an agent who inherited the property after his parents passed away.  The home sold for $25k and after it was all said and done  I had a commission of under $300.00. LOL

Selling your home or buying a new one can be stressful, what advice do you have for people in this position?

Stay calm,  see the end from the beginning,  and when you find yourself stressed out and wanting to cry, laugh out loud and keep in mind that it’s only temporary.

How are you involved with your community, do you volunteer or work with any charities?

I’m active in my local church and I encourage others to always see the bright side of life. During Covid-19 the media saturates us with doom and gloom. I aim to stay positive and have an uplifting and encouraging word for others.

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