6 Charlotte Artists Making an Impact

Charlotte and the surrounding area is fortunate to call itself home to many gifted artists from a variety of styles. We are featuring 6 artists who have created and designed some amazing and unique pieces. Looking to add to your own personal collection or start a new one? By supporting local and talented artists you can liven up your home space while also giving back to the community.

Monique Luck is an award-winning artist and muralist regularly featured in Charlotte’s art world. Known for her colorful and fluid pieces she uses paper on canvas to make collages depicting figures and natural forms.

View “Calypso II”.

Monique Luck “Calypso II”

Kristen van Diggelen Sloan is a painter and sculptor whose work is inspired by religion and culture. Her paintings, the style reminiscent of Rembrandt’s work with light and divinity and often have featured her own sculptures.

View “Desert Amma IV”.

Desert Amma IV by Kristen van Diggelen Sloan

Melissa Herriott is an acrylic and ink artist who creates vivid pieces that are abstract and color-driven. She tries to use gold in nearly every piece that she can which elevates the work beyond what normally is seen in acrylic and ink art.

View “Joyous”.

Joyous by Melissa Herriott

John Hairston Jr. is an artist whose style is a blend of “political satire, social commentary, and obscure pop-culture references.” He is a native of North Carolina and a UNCC graduate who works as a professional illustrator and takes on art commissions for collectors and non-profit organizations.

View “Bruja 1”.

Bruja 1 by John Hairston Jr.

Dusty Dangero is the artist behind Dangerdust, a lettering artist and designer that features work from traditional methods such as chalk, acrylic, and watercolor, though Dusty also works out of programs such as Adobe’s Photoshop or the app Procreate when looking for modern techniques. Dusty’s art is simple and clean, providing a minimalist vibe. Dusty’s clients include major companies such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Adobe.

View “Life’s a Beach” print.

Life’s a Beach by Dusty Dangero, aka Dangerdust

Shamila Varner is the owner Queen City Crete. She creates unique pieces of usable art such as ashtrays, candles, trays, pottery, and other home goods. Each piece is designed with use in mind and is made to be eye-catching. Queen City Crete often participates in vendor events and is currently featured at Charlotte Collective.

View terracotta planter piece.

Terracotta Planter by Queen City Crete