Outdoor Living for 2021!

These beautiful outdoor spaces are ready to bring you out of your home and into the great outdoors.

168 Broad Sound Place

This beautiful pool with a waterfall overlooks Lake Norman and it has a small private beach down along the water. What more could you ask for to create a picturesque evening and on the chilly winter nights enjoy the sunset from the spacious hot tub! Between the pool waterfall and the shoreline, you’ll never be without the tranquil sound of water.

16741 100 Norman Place

This home is perfect for having a backyard barbecue or gathering. There’s plenty of seating space and it’s covered to get you out from under the southern heat when summer comes around. And with it being on the shores of Lake Norman there is easy access to the water as well!

5400 Little Parkway

This fire pit is ultra cozy, and with the natural exterior of the home it gives such an outdoor vibe that you’ll feel right among nature. Get ready to buy marshmallows for roasting, toasting, and snacking when you sit around this fire pit.

21123 Torrence Chapel Road

Perfect for all ages, this outdoor living space kitchen is ready for entertaining and fun evenings with friends and family. Overlooking a pool with a spacious yard this space is perfect for some quality outdoor time.

15105 Ramah Church Road

This pool feels extra luxurious, going straight from the cool water to soft grass means you’ll never burn your feet on a hot deck or poolside. Turn on the fountain for peaceful sounds of water both when outside by the pool and when inside relaxing in the cool air.

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