Society Awards Moves South

David Moritz and Charlotte Titcomb with their cat Zeppelin

From NYC to Charlotte

Most likely you recognize the custom creations designed by Society Awards, a luxury award company best known for the Emmy award, Golden Globes, Billboard music awards, and many more trophies recognized by top brands and artists. Just recently Society Awards owners David Moritz and Charlotte Titcomb relocated both their home and business to Charlotte, North Carolina from New York City. They moved into an amazing private home in SouthPark and opened a new office in Atherton Mills in South End. David says they were searching for something “roundly, soundly, overall superior to New York for their family and their business.”

“After more than two decades in Manhattan, I wasn’t going to move unless I felt it was better in every metric,” said David. “We wanted a better childhood for our two little girls, sane costs, and to see if we could have a better quality of life, so we started interviewing cities and towns all over America.”

North Carolina Roots

Charlotte is familiar with North Carolina, much of her family was born and raised here, so while David investigated the best places to live and grow their business, they eventually came to the conclusion the Queen City has everything they’re looking for. “My sister is a real estate agent and she interviewed a number of potential agents to work with and told me Liza Caminiti was hands down the best and I have to work with her, so I did, and she is,” Charlotte said.  We’ve since found out that Ivester Jackson Christie’s represents most of the interesting and high-end luxury homes in the area, and we’ve worked with Ivester Jackson agents on a number of properties already.”

A Dream Home

Charlotte found pre-existing beauty and wonderment in their new home listed with Ivester Jackson Christie’s agent Tracy Davis. “Overall, this is not the kind of house you would want to make drastic changes to. We’ve introduced some modern elements with the lighting and the furniture, but we want to preserve the character of the home as-is. The house is full of hidden nooks, surprise balconies, and unique rooms – it’s the kind of house I dreamed of when I was a little girl. With all its loveliness, though, the house would not be as magical without the garden and the woods. The moss-covered trails and frequent encounters with wildlife make the whole house and property feel like something from a novel. It’s hard not to love a place so wondrous!”

“Changes to the house include converting an attic space to an expansive three-room playroom with eight skylights, accessed through a hidden magic door in the girls closet, new lighting, and sound, with more bedrooms to come over the garage,” David says they might include “a tower in the woods someday.”

Creating awards for MTV, Dancing with the Stars, BET, and other major entertainment groups means employing some of the countries best talent which they found right here in Charlotte. The company maintains a showroom in New York City but is focused on growing its luxury brand in this southern city. “There’s also been the pull of a local economy which promotes small businesses and fosters growth. Charlotte, NC is a hot spot for new residents  – especially those moving from big cities – which gives us a unique opportunity to establish the brand in such a prominent city,” Charlotte says.

David and Charlotte love the new location in Atherton Mill which includes a Not Just Coffee, local retails shops, breweries, and restaurants. “It’s absolutely hands down the best area to be for young people, or for a business,” says Charlotte. “It’s directly in a vibrant area of South End, walkable, accessible on street level.”