3 Fresh Paint Colors for 2021

Looking for a fresh new look to start the summer? Or to redecorate your home after spending so much time in it during 2020? We’re here to help with three wonderful paint colors. We looked at a few leading paint companies and what color they named as their 2021 color of the year so you don’t have to.

Sherwin-Williams – Urbane Bronze

Sherwin-Williams named Urbane Bronze their 2021 color of the year with the idea that it would help homeowners find their sanctuary and feel rooted in nature. After so many people spent more time in their homes than ever in 2020 they are looking to create the ultimate retreat while proving that nature is never far away. Read more about Sherwin-Williams color of the year here.

BEHR – Canyon Dusk

Having introduced the color as earthy and harmonious, BEHR’s Canyon Dusk color was selected for its grounding warmth and reassurance and the promise of elevated comfort. BEHR states that this color is suited for any commercial environment as well, so think outside your home! Read more about BEHR’s color the year here.

Benjamin Moore – Aegean Teal

Different from BEHR and Sherwin Williams earthen hues, Benjamin Moore selected a cool tone that is “intriguing, balanced, and deeply soothing”. The company feels that this color creates a natural harmony. This color is well suited for any waterfront home or home with a pool. Read more about Benjamin Moore’s color of the year here.