Christie’s Luxury Expert Series – Episode 1

Broadcast Audio Coordinator and host Sam Sparks introduces season four of “Carolina’s Luxury Real Estate Podcast- The Christie’s Luxury Expert Series”. In this series, we will be chatting with Christie’s affiliates from around the world to see what the luxury market is like in their area and learn more about them.

This first episode features father and son duo Jon and Adam Miller of Go to The Beach, | Christie’s International Real Estate located in Northwest Florida. Go to the Beach focuses on the scenic 30A, on Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast. Speaking about everything from roots in real estate to tacos and first albums, this episode is a must-listen.

Adam and Jon Miller | Images Courtesy of Go to the Beach

The Area
30A is a series of picturesque beach towns, located along Florida’s Scenic Highway 30A. These quiet beaches are nestled between tourist hotspots of Destin and Panama City. Residents and brokers in the area, Jon and Adam have seen the quiet towns explode in popularity, with recognition from around the world. Speaking on this growth, Adam said, “where 30A used to be a regional draw, you can go around the whole nation and find a 30A sticker popping up in different cities.”

320 Hideaway Bay Drive, Miramar Beach, Florida | Image Courtesy of Go to the Beach

The Market
Like most of the country, the 30A community has seen an exploding market over the past few years. The white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, reminiscent of the Caribbean, are drawing in new residents and investors from all over the country. This market explosion is also driving up prices. “A few years ago, there were plenty of beachfront homes in the $500,000 range, but now most properties are over $1 million,” says Jon. Their most recent listing, clocks in at almost 11 million – and the view is priceless.

70 Windward Lane, Rosemary Beach, Florida | Image Courtesy of Go to the Beach

The Drivers
So what is driving this movement to the coast? The pandemic, along with thriving market conditions have made the area a hotbed for investment opportunities. Jon states “where I thought the pandemic would stagnate the market, it made it even crazier.”

With many jobs now remote, people are flocking to Florida for a laid-back quiet living. Jon spoke about the impact this had. “People from large metropolitan areas, whether to vacation or invest in second homes, started a strong influx to our market. This has driven our prices up considerably over the last couple of years.” This is similar to Adam’s story of how he came here. Living in Kansas with his wife, Adam would visit his parents in their beach house and bask in the sun, drive golf carts around the quiet community, and fish right in the backyard. This lifestyle is what lured Adam to move to Florida, and work alongside his father.

131 Paradise by the Sea, Inlet Beach, Florida | Image Courtesy of Go to the Beach

The Christie’s Impact
Affiliating with Christie’s International Real Estate in 2019 has helped Jon and Adam to grow their business even further. Jon and Adam know the importance of their feeder markets and look to make connections in those areas. “We try to connect with Christie’s affiliates where our customers are coming from.”

The father-son team also got to see first-hand how the art auction process works when they assisted a client selling an instrument. “While in New York on a trip, I was able to do a tour of the auction house. When a client with a valuable instrument came looking for recommendations on how to auction it, we were able to connect him to the auction house,” Adam told us.

Image Courtesy of Go to the Beach

To listen to the full story, click here. For more information about Jon, Adam and Go to the Beach, you can visit

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